Friday, 18 March 2011

Old Friend

Hello again, well its been a while since i partook on the adventure of writing about myself for a short period of time. As seen in my last post i have been busy so i shall tell you what i have been up to before moving on to the next stage. Right first thing is first, Studio was amazing. There is no greater experience than hearing the chords you play and the tune you sing turn into a song and getting it played out a set of really good speakers. Not only that but i'm working with a very talented engineer called Sandy Jones. Sandy has been most commonly known for his work with a small glasgow based band called Wet Wet Wet. i believe that had a hit at one point with a song but the same escapes me. It on the tip of my tongue, i can even feel it in my finger, i feel it in my toes. Nope gone ill have to look it up later. Aye so Sandy, Genius, we got that covered right next thing. Gigs.

Well i had planned to be playing The Garage and The Arches in Glasgow. The gig in The Garage was just going to be a solo thing i was planning to play and was really looking forward to it, like it was going to be my christmas in feb (the same month as my birthday) but after all the self promotion of the gig i got a e-mail the day of the gig asking if i was aware of the date change, As you can imagine getting a hold of all the people i had told that it was not longer on was fun but swings and roundabouts. Ok then we thought at least i have the Arches, thats still a good gig and its one of the few chances i get to play ELECTRIC ( i put that in bold because i feel like that when i play electric, its loud) with a band i play in, Penny Black. The singer of the band writes all the songs and man can she right a catchy song, she has that talent where i'm whistling a tune and thinking whats that and its one of her songs. Well we got told on the Tuesday i believe (gig was on Saturday) that we had to play stripped down. For those of you who are not aware with this term it does not mean that we play with no clothes, its means like a unplugged, mellow, acoustic set. After we spent time working on a new set list with new songs we stuck to our guns and said no we were not going to play stripped down. Good by big gig number 2.

Big gig number 3 was amazing though, Hamilton Town House. This was to do with a charity group that i help out with called the Ups and Downs. They put on a spectacular show every year and i get the privilege to help out with anything i can. Now Dress rehearsal i get asked to do a interact between scene 1 and 2. This would be no bother but the added pressure of playing well to over 1000 people is kinda nice. its slightly euphoric. The first night consisted of a nice little medley me and my sister created starting off with 'Three Little Birds' then 'Galloway Girl' ending with 'Pencil Full Of Lead'. Lets just say it didn't go well. I took it upon myself to just play one of my own songs. Gulp!! Under the bridge at Cadzow was the chosen one due to the fact the Town House is next to the Bridge at Cadzow. The main reason for this was the fact i knew this inside and out so i could play without any monitors on stage (there was a problem the first night so i couldn't hear a thing i just played what i hoped was right). The best thing about it was the fact that people asked me who sang it originally and i took great pleasure in saying that it was me :) (i did smile after telling them). Aye so that was good and the show was great, on a side note the queen, like the actual queen has asked the president of the club (also double takes as my mother) to visit her at Buckingham Palace. All i can say to that is LOL

Right i'm gonna sum this up as i'm getting tired, Im back into the studio in the next week finishing it off :) don't know if i will get it all done but ill soon find out. Also gonna see if i can deal with the other side of life such as a job ( i will always be a full time musician, but need the pennies). That will have to do you for now ill try and upload more when i get a chance maybe even a video or 2.

Love & Music

Myles Leggatt x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

To do list

Ok its coming to the end of the month and that can mean only one thing, PAY DAY!!!

That and also a very busy month for me, to start i'm about to set into motion the most drastic thing i think i have ever done. Set up a website for me. Its still a working progress but it means that people can get in touch with all the things getting set up. Ooh well wish me luck, i'm going to start the traumatic, manic month with some stress (yes i know i'm writing this on sunday the 30th of January and tomorrow is the 31st but its a Monday so i am going to be starting today). Hear it goes ill do my best to keep up this bloging thing but as stated i may be busy.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ambitions and other things.

Whenever someone says to me, "Haw you whats your ambitions in life" (Incase you were not aware i come from Hamilton (Scotland not Canada) and thats how some people talk so i thought i would add it in).
Right back on topic, My ambitions are always going to be about music everything else is a to do list but the music is always there. Right now i would say my ambitions are really work on the songs i have got ready for the album that i'm going to be recording on the 28th of February (you may hear a lot about me if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook), i wasn't to get them just perfect so i'm trying to write the music out for them. That brings me to another point i am trying to learn sheet music and thats just a barrel of laughs. Then it would be the website i'm trying to build by myself and i know nothing about that kind of stuff, again the barrel comes into play here. There are lots of other things that are sticking in my mind but i wont bore you with them as there is a good chance you will hear about it soon if you know me as i'm telling everyone. The other things is my other side of life, things like phone bills, washing up, car maintenance ( i was soldering to day :) i'm well happy about that). For the reminder that without music my life would be extremely dull so i'm taking this moment and my first blog on blogger, hi blogger, to thank music. Im talking about every kind of music anything that makes you wanna get up and dance, makes you think of someone you know, someone who you want to know all that jazz.

Thanks music

Your faithfully and truly

Myles Leggatt

(P.S. my headphones are broke coz of you so ill be expecting a new pair for my birthday)